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The Internet has become the single greatest freely accessible source of information that the world has ever seen. It continues to expand and to continually increase in breadth and complexity. Knowing what is available on the Internet is a major challenge of our times.

Individuals and organisations invest a significant amount of time and effort to trawl through the Internet looking for the information they need. Not all of this time is effective. Much of the time spent is not core to the individual’s or organisation’s primary objectives. However, searching the Internet is often a chore that unfortunately needs to be done.

If that is a description of you, Zoominti can help.

Zoominti can do the Internet research for you and free you to do your primary work and to do the work that you most enjoy.

Our Internet researchers are skilled at locating resources on the Internet and can help with small-scale research assignments as well as large comprehensive Internet resource compilation projects.

Go to our Services section to find out more about our services and how you can submit a request for Internet research.

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